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General Overview

Yieldify Protocol ($YIFY) is a revolutionary project that aims to provide sustainable and consistent returns for holders of the $YIFY token. $YIFY is the first sustainable fixed reward token that rewards USDT (Bep20), and it is built on a unique yield algorithm that uses a smart token pool to generate yield. The yields will accumulate in the wallets of the holders (They will be claimable through our Dapp), meaning that just holding $YIFY in your wallet will be enough to profit in just 4 months, with no need to sell.
Sustainable Yield
YIFY's unique yield algorithm uses a smart token pool to generate a sustainable yield. This yield is set at 300% for the first year, and will gradually decrease over the following years to ensure sustainability indefinitely. The yield is based on the token price, and holders can expect consistent returns over time. The decrease in the yield over time ensures that the protocol is sustainable in the long term and will be able to provide consistent returns to holders.
Holding Rewards
The YIFY token is designed for holding, making it possible for holders to break even within just 4 months of holding the token (in the first year after launch). Additionally, the yields will automatically accumulate in the wallets of the holders, meaning that just holding $YIFY in your wallet will be enough to profit, with no need to sell. This feature of the $YIFY protocol allows holders to earn consistent returns without the need for constant trading or market speculation.
Reinvestment/Compounding Rewards (Negative Tax)
$YIFY also encourages reinvesting earned USDT by granting a "Negative tax reward" for all reinvestments. This means that for reinvestments, holders will receive a bonus of X% in tokens instead of paying X% in taxes. This feature not only encourages holders to reinvest and increase their returns, but it also contributes to the sustainability of the protocol by increasing the overall value of the network. To be more specific, holders of the $YIFY token have the option to compound their rewards, which earns them an additional 2% compound bonus. Compounding rewards increases the annual percentage yield (APY) of the token, potentially reaching up to 1500%. This feature allows holders to maximize their returns over time.
The YIFY protocol has a low tax rate of 2% on buys and sells. This low tax rate makes the token more attractive for traders, as it allows them to keep more of their profits. The tax revenue is used to fund marketing and development efforts for the protocol.
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