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Referral System

Yieldify's referral program is a key feature that encourages users to bring new users to the platform. For every new user referred by an existing user, the referrer earns a 10% commission on all rewards earned by the referred user. This commission is paid out in the same cryptocurrency that the referred user earns, and it is automatically credited to the referrer's account.
What sets Yieldify's referral program apart from others is its multi-level structure. In addition to earning commissions on their directly referred users, users can also earn commissions on the users referred by their referred users, and so on. This creates a network effect that incentivizes users to refer as many new users as possible, as each new referral can potentially earn them additional commissions.
To ensure the sustainability of the platform, Yieldify has implemented various measures to prevent abuse of the referral program, such as limiting the number of referrals per user and requiring all referred users to actively use the platform before rewards are distributed. Overall, Yieldify's multi-level referral program offers a unique opportunity for users to generate yield on their holdings while also incentivizing the growth of the platform through referrals.